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Interest is not the only source of income for capital or companies, and therefore, interest-free products can be sold as part of various projects or campaigns. For example, loans are a product of banks only when considered specifically for the bank, but interest-free loans can be provided under various government supports social responsibility projects or campaigns.

For this reason, consumers who want to use credit should know that they do not always have to pay interest, and interest-free alternatives to the most frequently used credit products are included in this regard.

Interest-Free Car Loans

Interest-Free Car Loans

Most automakers set up their own financial institution and credit the vehicle if it has to be purchased with its own brand. Consumers should contact the financial institution of the vehicle they will purchase before applying for car loans to banks and find out whether there is a zero-interest loan campaign. Currently, there are some interest-free car loans issued by Fiat, Peugeot, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi, and Hyundai.

Fiat Interest-Free Car Loan

It offers interest-free loans up to 30 thousand TL for people who want to buy cars such as Fiat, Doblo, Florino or Pratico. All those who will benefit from this financing that can be matured for up to 24 months, is to apply to a Fiat dealer that has the authority to provide financing and to credit the vehicle to be purchased.

Peugeot Interest-Free Car Loan

Peugeot is one of the car manufacturers that provides interest-free loans for vehicles. In this context, all consumers who want to buy from their cars such as Peugeot 208, 2008, 308, 3008, 5008 or 301 should simply send an application to a Peugeot dealer authorized to finance the vehicle.

The most important detail to know about Peugeot’s interest-free loans is that it loans a certain part of the vehicle. A person who wants to buy the sample 208 can only use funding up to 15 thousand TL. Since the said financing rate may vary depending on the model, it will be appropriate to have a detailed meeting with the dealer.

Ford Car Loan

Ford had been offering interest-free car loans until last year, but this year it announced that it would offer loans at an interest rate of 0.99%. Although the subject is on the list without interest-free car loans, it is because it offers financing with a very low-interest rate of 0.99%. As it is known, the financing to be allocated from banks is more than this rate and this information will be useful for a person who is considering buying Ford vehicles.

Toyota Interest-Free Car Loan

It is among the car manufacturers that can apply for interest-free car loans in Toyota. Providing financing for almost every model vehicle, Toyota credits a certain share in the model. For loan rates that vary from model to model, it is necessary to consult with a Toyota dealer, the financing authority.

Interest-Free Housing Loans

Interest-Free Housing Loans

It is not compulsory to pay interest to buy a house. Thanks to the campaigns and partnerships established, consumers can host without paying interest through some projects and organizations.

Owning a Home with the Good Credit System

Good Credit, in its simplest form, is a system where everyone pays and continues to pay a certain amount for participation, and with the help of the funds accumulated, it is aimed to purchase housing for everyone in turn. No serious problems have been encountered in the operation of the system until now and it is still among the institutions that can be applied to become a homeowner without paying interest.

In order to join the system, the price of the house to be purchased must first be determined and how many months the payment will be made must be determined. From now on, Good Credit will include the person in a different group of people paying for the same maturity and will buy the house requested by the person until the end of the maturity he specified most.

Zero Interest Housing Projects

Zero Interest Housing Projects

Real estate companies have taken action to have been mobilized in the past years due to the strengthening of the banking system over the housing loan market and the housing sector. he managed to create his own financing in partnerships.

These funds are intended to enable consumers who want to buy housing to find different alternatives from banks and to provide more serious control over interest, but real estate partnerships have even started offering interest-free housing loans to consumers.

In addition to using interest-free loans from real estate partnerships, the biggest advantage is that up to 20 years of maturity can be made. In this way, it becomes possible to own a house not only in the so-called but really pays the rent.