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In today’s technology-driven world, digital representations of physical assets, processes and systems – or digital twins – are rapidly becoming a preferred practice across markets.

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Raja Kadiyala

Global Digital Market Director

The next frontier of technological advancement is not new treatment processes or equipment, but instead lies in dynamic process simulation models, advanced visualization techniques, and/or data-driven analysis, leveraged through that can be used for process analysis and project optimization.

Digital twins allow solutions to be investigated and tested without putting equipment, public health or the environment at risk.

These realistic simulations of facility behavior allow organizations to assess “what if” scenarios in the digital domain and solve for some of the most perplexing challenges, before they can occur — enhancing system understanding and achieving improved system design, optimized operations performance and reduced capital and operating costs.

By 2020, IDC expects that 30% of Forbes Global 2000 companies will use data from digital twins of Internet of Things (IoT) -connected products and assets to improve product innovation success rates and organization productivity.

Here’s how…

Digital Twin and Analytics Improve Operations, Minimize Costs

By 2020, researchers predict that companies using digital twins of IoT-connected assets will achieve gains of up to 25%. What if we showed you how a Jacobs-designed simulation platform is driving savings in the industrial water space using digital twin analytics to minimize resource usage?

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Parametric and 3D Design Helped a Drought-Plagued Megacity Explore its Water Future

Between 2014 and 2015, the worst drought in a century affected every aspect of Brazilian livelihood – from coffee production to critical infrastructure and water services. What if we showed you how Jacobs’ Replica™ digital twins solutions software helped one Brazilian megacity visualize options for a more resilient future water supply?

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Treatment Process Simulations Power Smart, Sustainable Solutions

Projected population growth and changes in public consumption are substantially increasing wastewater flow for utilities and at the same time, decreased effluent limits to protect waterways drive even more sophisticated treatment improvements. What if we showed you how Jacobs’ Replica™ digital twins solutions software helped design a cutting-edge treatment solution to help Washington’s Spokane County enhance the environment by reducing its nutrient output into the Spokane River and boosting its capability to serve future populations?

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Digital Twin Models Enhanced This System’s Reliability

To stay competitive, it’s critical to understand how tools and systems will change and interact as the world around us gets more complex. What if we showed you how Jacobs’ Replica™ digital twin software helped one client visualize options to enhance its air supply system, testing and analyzing solutions to find the most reliable, cost-effective option for the future?

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