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From launch to flight to splash down, we redefine what’s possible. 

For more than 70 years, our people have provided integrated solutions to help solve the most complex and hazardous challenges of space exploration.

With a global web of resources and more than 5,000 employees supporting multiple NASA centers, other government users and industry partners around the U.S., our team stays steps ahead to provide advanced engineering, research and operations support.

We invent by imagining what’s possible.

The solutions we design impact human behavior and performance. It takes as much human ingenuity as digital savvy to do all that we dream today.

Here’s how…

An Affordable HD Wireless Camera System Was Engineered to Work Reliably in Space

An international crew of three to six live and work aboard the International Space Station and have conducted some 200 spacewalks since 1998. What if we showed you how Jacobs developed an external high-definition camera system that is portable, reliable, durable and affordable to capture video for NASA during spacewalks?

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ISS Camera

America’s Entryway to Space Gets Ready for Liftoff with Predictive Maintenance

When it comes to meeting NASA launch dates, plenty goes on behind-the-scenes to make liftoff possible. What if we showed you how Jacobs’ predictive, data-driven maintenance approach keeps Kennedy Space Center’s systems running smoothly?

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Imagining Life on Mars is Made Possible Through 3D Printing

A third of urban dwellers – some 1.6 billion people – could struggle to secure decent housing by 2025. Smart options for affordable, livable structures, both on land and in space, are critical for society and for future exploration. What if we showed you, how with 3D printing, Jacobs and NASA can fabricate habitable outposts, in the most remote places and possibly even those closer to home?

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3D-printed Mars habitation

Intelligent Asset Management Protects Tomorrow’s Space Technologies Today

In a technology-dominated world, today’s government agencies, infrastructure owners and businesses are constantly dared to respond with effective business practices that accomplish more with less. What if we showed you how Jacobs and NASA are improving system reliability and reducing maintenance costs on 270 facilities at the Langley Research Center?

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NASA Langley